U Drive Me with Angela oh and  Jonathon Kite

U Drive Me with Angela oh and  Jonathon Kite

Hi Friends and Future Friends,

"Yes, look at me, just another white blonde 20 something actress auditioning in the Big City. However, I have a competitive edge with my midwest work ethic (born and raised in Lincoln, NE), my discipline being a professional dancer for almost a decade and my burning desire to tell stories. So much so that if auditions are sparing, I get my hands dirty behind the camera (producing, writing, directing, editing). This includes PA-ing for friends because I believe in karma to the nth degree. I also believe that we all are creative beings, who need to create. So a podcast was born called “Nothing Shines Like Dirt” to help inspire others to pick up a pen, camera, and/or instrument to express themselves.

In my acting I usually play the girl nextdoor/best friend who is always there/love interest of the main man or woman. However, some talented individuals have use my trusting face with my adorable dimples and trendy bangs to psyche audiences out and so I become the girl you think you like to the girl you don’t like.  Playing the antagonist, baby.  Actors like myself, we love all roles that get screen time, but these ones are obviously the most fun to play because I don’t stalk/kill/manipulate people in real life or do I?

You're still reading this long boring bio aren’t you…

Seriously though, I have worked a couple of TV gigs, and lots of pilots and indie films that we both know you haven’t seen. Unless you're stalking me which is a good thing for me because it might mean you might audition me, which means you might hire me, which means I might end up in the last edit of your show. I do study with Bob Krakower (in his master classes), Larry Moss, Scott Freeman and worked with the lovely and talented Lesly Kahn in LA this summer.

This business is all about relationships so reach out to me even if you don’t want to audition/hire/edit me in your show. I love to talk about story telling, movie magic, my two Havanese pups (Chubbs and Arlo), and good food to try in NYC."